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Maranda is known for her boundary issues, over-sensitivity, bitchy-like reactivity, and has very few friends, thankfully. Her work is about disruption and instigation, and the beauty in awkwardness. It's filled with color, inviting new light to enter, where we can make new worlds. Sometimes you have to break it to build it.


She also lives for latex animal heads. 


Her projects have appeared in Paris at the Climate Summit, Cop 21, where her work and collaborative project were projected onto the Eiffel Tower. She also exhibits at Art Basel Miami, in Los Angeles, and NYC with Yoko Ono, Ai WeiWei (NYC Remote), MOBY (LA-also on his album cover), Ashley Longshore (Houston), and dozens of others over the last 15 years. Her original art gallery in Austin, Texas was a visiting home to more than 300 artists. 


Her ORIGIN conversation series has spanned more than 11 years with the world's most notable, unapologetic creators; Robert Plant, Erykah Badu, Annie Lennox, Amanda Palmer, Questlove, and 350+ Artists shifting culture, + has been read by more than 2 million people in 14+ countries. 


Her underground fem post-punk, performing art band, the Fembots, #femrev, performs internationally, and she will, without hesitation, burn it down, if needed.

Her performance art includes Bodies in Urban Spaces with Austrian Choreographer Willi Dorner, for the Fusebox Festival in Austin, Texas. 

Her Paris street art campaign papered the city with 20,000 door-size posters challenging the labels we call women featuring notable, strong women, Grammy, and Oscar winners. Her upcoming street art project in London will push back on violence against women and the abuse of power, with flare of course. 

She's only here for the absurd. 

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